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Dealers are what make a good show great. We feel it is important to provide as much information as possible to our dealers so things go as smooth as possible


At Kane County Flea Market, it goes without saying that our staff will work to make your selling weekend great. We are always available to give you information. We have provided here some info for you to read and download as well. Some things have changed so please review it and ask any questions you may have. New dealers are always welcome.


All of this info is covered under Rules and Essentials but here is a quick list of most common questions.


  • Dealer set up is on Saturday AM. Gates open at 8AM. This is an hour earlier to give dealers more time to set up saturday. Dealers line up to the west of the fairgrounds entering on the north side via Oak Street to form lines. There are parking crew there to direct you. You cannot line up before 12:01 AM on Saturday of the show


  • We have reserved and unreserved spaces.  If you would like to reserve give us a call at +1630-377-2252. We try to keep the inside buildings filled with mostly antiques, collectables, jewelry, furniture and fancy junque.  Inside rates are $130 per booth. Outside is $120 under a shed is $110. Dealers with a regular spot must pay the rent a month in adavance while at the show. If at the july show you pay your rent for August. If not there is a 20 dollar late fee. (see map) Rental cost is for the weekend no matter if you are there one day or both. Outside is mostly unreserved you just need to show up the day of the show and we will find you a space. Tables can be reserved as well.


  • If you have an emergency the weekends of the show please call us on our show weekend emergency number +1630-708-8911.


  • Do remember you are not allowed to sell stolen or knock of items like counterfeit purses. We are always working with law enforcement to maintain standards and quality at our shows. 


  • Finally have fun if you have any questions or comments let us know we are here to help. Feel free to also link back to us here and spread the word to customers and dealers about what a great experience you had.

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