What We Offer

We are the place movie studios, celebrities and collectors- beginner and seasoned, go to get their monthly dose of fun and discovery. We know that we have been bitten by the "antique collecting bug," you should come and see firsthand what all of these shows on TV about  antiques and collecting are really all about. As my grandma always said, "One man’s Junque is another man’s treasure". What will your treasure find be this month?

Welcome to our Flea Market.

We are one of the longest running and best Antique and collectable Flea Markets in the world. We have been a place for people to come and enjoy the fun of searching and finding the one thing  they have sought for ages.


We have hundreds of dealers inside, outside and under sheds. They say if they made it you will find it at Kane. Ok maybe not every weekend but if it has been made it will be there one weekend. 


Here is a quick guide of tips in Conde Nast travel to help you on navigating the Flea Market. shopping tips via Conde Nast