The next show is April 11th & 12th. It is the 2nd weekend because of Easter. Mark your calendars and tell your friends.If you have a great Flea Find, tag and share the pic #iFounditAtKANE

Spring Bargains are waiting. Dealers are gearing up for the April show which is shifted to the 2nd weekend. Dealers h ave an extra weekend to find bargains for you beacuse of Easter being the first su

ATTN dealers: Please note- We have decided to open our gates on Saturday morning for set up one hour earlier. The gate will now open at 8AM please pass this on to friends


Conde Nast just highlghted KCFM and one of our Expo West Building dealers, Rick Lidinsky, as the place to shop in Chicagoland. Very Concise article. Well done Marina Sheehan. Here is a link to the article. Conde Nast 2013 Chicago Daily Traveler: tips from an expert 


We will be adding and updating our site regularly.  Feel free to also link back to our Facebook, twitter and other social media pages. Stop by and take a look around - we're looking forward to your visit at our next show.

Do you live for collecting? Maybe you are searching for that just right piece of Jewelry, furniture, books, antiques or fancy "junque?" It could just be you need a day outing to take the family to that is cheaper than a movie? There is nothing like holding that new found item that you value in your hands. No matter if you have been coming to the Flea Market for over 40 years or just discovered us. We believe somewhere in among our 100's of indoor, outdoor and under shed vendors, we have it here! Are you ready for an adventure? Then you've come to the right place!


On our website you will find information for first timers who have been bitten by the "collecting bug" as well as information for seasoned veterans! No matter if you just want to come and shop or become a dealer, this is the place to start your adventure. We have YouTube links to shows you what the show is like, maps to plan your day. We even have information if you are traveling of things to do and places to stay. We even have  weather updates-- it is Kane County.


Shopping the Flea Market

Next show is December 6th and 7th This is our 47th year

We are already excited of what an amazing show this will be. The phone has been ringing off the hook. All the buildings are filled full of dealers with even a wait list. ( plenty of space outside to set up) The Main Building and Expo are also a place to shop and cool down in the Air Conditioned buildings.


Thank you for the last 47 years we look forward to the next 100!  Wind rain or shine, we have our show the first Sunday and preceding Saturday of every month March-December. Sat 12-5 & Sun 7-4. Admission is 5 dollars. Children under 12 are free with adult. Parking is always free. They say if it was made you could find it at Kane. Bring the family and spend the day shopping. Learn more and plan your day for shopping the flea.

Becoming a Dealer

Robinson Hall- Main Building

We seem to be growing again by leaps and bounds. Last year we re added two buildings back into our mix after moving into the A/C Expo building with 130+ dealers. Interested in setting up learn more at Dealer information.

About Us

This is our passion. Antiques, collectibles, fancy Junque and the amazing stories of how it of the magic between customers and buyers happens. Learn more about us